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Portland Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Personal Injury / What Happens if Personal Injury Settlement Negotiations Fail?

What Happens if Personal Injury Settlement Negotiations Fail?


After an injury accident, and when a personal injury claim is filed, insurance adjusters typically want to figure out the best way to resolve the claim quickly and for as little as possible. It is not uncommon for an insurance adjuster to reach out to a claimant and see if they can get to them before the claimant has time to speak with an attorney. The reason is that in the aftermath of an injury accident, injured people are the most vulnerable, and they may also be unaware of their legal options and how much their claim is worth. All these factors combined could help an insurance adjuster offer a low settlement that a claimant may accept so the claim can be closed.

 Insurance adjusters are trained to engage in methods and strategies that are in the insurance company’s best interest. The goal is always to have a claim concluded with little effort and energy for the least amount of money or no money at all. 

 This is why it is helpful to consult with an attorney after an injury accident. Depending on the details of your accident experience, you may have suffered substantial losses. Damages, including medical expenses, missed wages, and other out-of-pocket expenses, can add up to be a lot. The settlement you receive should reflect the full amount of compensation you are owed, and an attorney can accurately value your claim and help you get the money you need. 

In Oregon, you can count on the seasoned and experienced Portland personal injury attorneys at Rosenbaum Law Group to help you recover the compensation you deserve.

 When Negotiations Fail

 A usual tactic of an insurance adjuster is to make an initial offer that is very low. You do not have to accept this initial offer. Your attorney can determine what your case is worth by looking at the severity of your injuries, the medical treatment that you received and will need in the future, lost wages, the pain and suffering you endured, and more. With this information, your attorney can better negotiate on your behalf to get you to a fair settlement.

 Even though most personal injury claims will come to a settlement agreement, there are still instances where a mutually agreeable settlement can’t be made. In this situation, you can pursue a lawsuit and take your case to court. Sometimes, when the insurance company foresees a court battle, in an attempt to avoid litigation, they may come back to the table and be more cooperative with negotiations, resulting in a settlement. If they don’t, then your case can proceed to trial, where your attorney will represent you and present your case for compensation.

 Speak to an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney Today 

Negotiations with insurance adjusters can be tricky, and it is imperative that you get the most from your claim. If you would like assistance with a personal injury claim, please call a Portland, OR, personal injury lawyer at Rosenbaum Law Group at (503) 288-8000. Initial consultations are free.

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