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Portland Personal Injury Lawyers / Portland Spine Injury Lawyer

Portland Spine Injury Lawyer

The spinal cord is the core of your body’s nervous system. It is the communications hub that connects your brain to the rest of your body. If your spine is damaged in an accident, this can render your brain unable to communicate with various parts of the body, which in turn can lead to paralysis or debilitating conditions.

Spinal cord damage is therefore one of the most catastrophic injuries a person can suffer. This is even more tragic when the accident itself was preventable. If you or someone in your family has been left paralyzed or unable to function due to someone else’s negligence, our Portland spine injury lawyers can help. Rosenbaum Law Group, PC, is an Oregon personal injury firm that represents accident victims. We understand the complexity of spinal cord damage cases and we will make every effort to obtain full and fair compensation on your behalf from the people who have hurt you.

Spinal Cord Damage Is Often Catastrophic

There are over 1 million Americans currently living with spinal injuries. The most common causes of these injuries include:

  • motor vehicle accidents;
  • work-related accidents;
  • slip and fall accidents;
  • sports; and
  • assaults and other intentional violent acts.

Medical professionals classify spine injuries as either “complete” or “incomplete.” A complete spine injury means the spinal cord is fully compressed or severed. This means the brain can no longer transmit signals to any part of the body below the point of injury. An incomplete spine injury, in contrast, means the victim still retains some feeling or function below the injury point.

Incomplete spinal cord injuries are the more common type, accounting for about two-thirds of all reported spine injuries. While these injuries generally do not lead to full paralysis, they are still quite serious. Any degree of spinal cord damage can mean a permanent loss of sensation and reduced function in one or more extremities. It is also quite common for spine injury survivors to suffer from chronic pain for the rest of their lives.

All of these factors must be taken into account when determining compensation for a spine injury caused by third-party negligence. Under Oregon law, the at-fault party can be held responsible for all of the spine injury victim’s economic and non-economic damages. Economic damages include all of the victim’s past and estimated future medical costs. It also encompasses any necessary physical therapy, medical assistance devices, loss of income and future earning potential, and any personal care the victim may require. Non-economic damages is a broad category that incorporates the victim’s ongoing pain and suffering and mental anguish, among other things.

Contact Rosenbaum Law Group Today

Even when the devastating consequences of a spine injury are readily apparent, defendants and their insurance companies will often try to minimize their own liability for what has happened. That is why you need to work with a qualified Portland spine injury lawyer who knows how to fight–and win–for their clients. If you need to speak with an attorney, contact Rosenbaum Law Group, PC, to schedule a free consultation.

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