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Portland Personal Injury Lawyers / Portland Insurance Disputes Lawyer

Portland Insurance Disputes Lawyer

We purchase insurance to protect us against certain unforeseeable events, such as a car accident or the unexpected death of a family member. In exchange for dutifully paying our premiums each month, we expect the insurer will pay out a claim should the need arise. But as anyone who has ever dealt with an insurance company in real life can attest, things are often not so simple.

At the end of the day, an insurance company is a for-profit business beholden to its shareholders, not its policyholders. This means an insurer will look to exploit any legal justification for refusing to pay out a claim. And even if a claim is recognized, the insurer may still try to pay less than the full value of what the insured is entitled to under the policy.

An experienced Portland insurance dispute lawyer can represent you in dealing with such issues. Rosenbaum Law, PC, is a team of personal injury and insurance attorneys who understand that insurers often will not pay without a fight. We can represent you in negotiating with an insurer and if necessary take legal action to ensure their compliance with the terms of your policy and Oregon law.

Know Your Rights When Filing an Insurance Claim in Oregon

The basic process of filing an insurance claim seems simple enough. You notify your insurer of a loss. The insurance company assigns an adjuster to evaluate your claim. If the adjuster approves your claim, the insurer issues a payment to you.

But far too often, the adjuster will partially or completely deny a claim. Insurance companies can deny claims for a number of reasons. Your policy may exclude the specific injury or damage described in your claim. The policy itself may have lapsed because you failed to pay your premiums on time. Or while the policy may be current and your accident is covered, your damages fall below the policy’s deductible.

There are also situations where you may be a third-party claimant against someone else’s insurer. This often comes up in the context of auto accidents and personal injury claims. If you are injured by a negligent driver or due to a property owner’s recklessness, you may have to deal with their insurance company to seek compensation.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with a first- or third-party claim, an insurer must act in good faith. Under Oregon law, an insurance company normally must acknowledge a filed claim within 30 days of receipt. The insurer then has 45 days to conduct an investigation. If the insurer requires more time, they must notify you of their reasons. And if an insurer does not accept a claim to your satisfaction, you have certain appeal rights.

Contact Rosenbaum Law Group Today

Dealing with an insurance company can be a frustrating experience, especially when you are already struggling to recover from an accident or other loss. Fortunately, you do not have to deal with an insurer on your own. Our skilled Portland insurance dispute attorneys can negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. Contact Rosenbaum Law Group, PC, today to schedule an initial consultation with a member of our staff.

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