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Portland Personal Injury Lawyers / Portland Rear-End Crash Lawyer

Portland Rear-End Crash Lawyer

If you spend a lot of time driving, there is a good chance you will be involved in a rear-end accident at some point. Rear-end crashes are among the most common types of accidents, accounting for about 30 percent of all traffic accidents according to the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration. And while many rear-end accidents are little more than “fender benders,” they can still lead to serious injuries requiring medical attention.

Indeed, victims of rear-end accidents can suffer traumatic brain injuries, broken bones, and even spinal cord damage. If your accident was the result of a negligent driver’s actions, you have the legal right to seek compensation for your injuries and related losses. A skilled Portland rear-end crash lawyer can review your case and advise you on the best course of action. Rosenbaum Law Group is an experienced Oregon personal injury law firm that can help you in negotiating an insurance settlement or taking legal action against an irresponsible driver.

How Rear-End Accidents Occur in Oregon

Given the daily congestion on Portland’s streets, it is no surprise that rear-end accidents are common. Unlike other types of accidents, however, fault in the overwhelming majority of rear-end accidents is easy to assign. It is almost always the rear or “tailing” driver who is found legally responsible.

Some of the more common examples of the trailing driver causing an accident include:

  • Distracted driving. If the tailing driver is looking at their phone, adjusting their radio, or is simply not keeping their eyes on the road, they are likely to hit the vehicle in front of them.
  • Tailgating. All drivers need to keep a minimum safe distance between their car and the one in front of them. This is to ensure the tailing driver has enough time to safely stop their own vehicle. Riding too close or “tailgating” frequently leads to crashes.
  • Bad weather. Drivers need to exercise additional caution during rainy or other poor-visibility conditions. Aggressive driving in bad weather can quickly lead to a rear-end collision.

It is important to note that just because the tailing driver is usually found at-fault for a rear-end accident, that does not mean the up-front (or lead) driver is always off the hook. For example, if the lead driver suddenly slams on their brakes without a valid reason, they can be found at-fault if the rear vehicle hits them. Similarly, if the lead driver suddenly reverses or their vehicle is faulty–say they have a broken tail-lamp–they might be found liable for any collision.

Contact Rosenbaum Law Group Today

While rear-end accidents are rarely fatal, victims can still sustain a number of injuries that require extensive medical care, such as whiplash, orthopedic injuries, herniated discs, and mild-to-moderate traumatic brain injuries. It is therefore important to get checked out following any rear-accident. And if you do suffer any injuries or financial losses, you should speak with a Portland rear-end crashes lawyer as soon as possible. Contact Rosenbaum Law Group, PC, today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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