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Portland Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Personal Injury / Most Common Damages Personal Injury Claims Can Recover

Most Common Damages Personal Injury Claims Can Recover


Filing a personal injury claim is typically done to recover financial compensation for a victim’s losses. While the value of a personal injury claim can vary between victims, the types of damages that are calculated are usually similar.

If you were injured in an unintentional injury accident, it might be possible to file a claim and recover the total amount of damages you are owed for all of the harm you had to endure. It is critical that the settlement you agree to has the full amount of damages accounted for. Accepting a lower offer than what is actually needed essentially closes a claim. Since victims tend to deal with insurance companies when they file a claim, the insurance company will be unsympathetic to a victim who goes back and asks for more when they realize they have accepted too little.

While you do not have to work with an attorney when you file your claim, it is a good idea for several reasons. An attorney will be able to review your claim and investigate it. Your attorney will be able to build the strongest case possible. Since your attorney can also value your claim, your attorney will also be your advocate in fighting to ensure you are fairly compensated.

In Oregon, the Portland personal injury attorneys at the Rosenbaum Law Group have the experience, training, and knowledge to help you build the most robust personal injury claim and support you in getting the outcome from your claim that you deserve.

Damages that Can Be Included in a Claim 

There are two types of damages that are considered in personal injury claims. The first type is economic damage. These are the losses that have a hard dollar value to them. The costs for medical treatment would be economic damages. The second is the non-economic damages. The cost that is associated with the amount of pain that one suffers is an example of non-economic damage.

Within non-economic and economic damages, the following are the most common damages that are filed for in personal injury claims.

Medical Expenses 

The costs for surgery, prescription medications, physical or vocational therapy, doctor’s appointments, and more can be included in personal injury settlement calculations.

Pain and Suffering 

The physical pain and agony a victim has endured can be evaluated and assigned a monetary value.

Missed Wages 

When injuries prevent a victim from going to work, the wages they lose out on can also be calculated into determining how much a claim is worth.

Property Damages 

Personal property that is destroyed or broken can have either the cost of repairs or the cost of replacement included in a claim.

Punitive Damages 

Sometimes the details of how an injury accident occurred are particularly egregious. In limited situations, this can result in extra money being awarded to a victim.

Speak to an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney Today 

An attorney can put a fair value on a claim and identify all damages a victim suffered so that they get the full amount of compensation they deserve. For help filing your claim, please call an Oregon personal injury attorney at the Rosenbaum Law Group today at (503) 288-8000. Your initial consultation with one of our seasoned attorneys is always free.



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