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Portland Personal Injury Lawyers / Blog / Personal Injury / Why Would Your Injury Lawsuit Need an Expert Witness?

Why Would Your Injury Lawsuit Need an Expert Witness?


If another party injured you in an unintentional injury accident in Oregon, you may be able to file a claim against them for financial compensation. To be successful, you must prove that they were negligent in their actions, and to get the most from your claim, you must also show the extent of your damages. To accomplish these objectives, ample evidence is necessary.

Evidence can be photos, video footage, doctor notes, witness statements, and expert testimony.

No two personal injury cases are the same. One case may benefit from expert testimony, but another may not need it to get the compensation a victim needs for their losses. When a case can use expert testimony, your attorney can advise you on what type of expert would help and why what they have to say will benefit your suit.

For assistance with a personal injury claim, the Portland personal injury attorneys at the Rosenbaum Law Group are here for you and dedicated to helping you secure the total amount of damages you are owed from your claim.

Using an Expert Witness in a Personal Injury Case 

For most personal injury claims, negotiations can be fruitful and lead to a settlement. Whether a settlement is fair or not usually depends on many variables, including the victims’ understanding of their case’s value. Since injured parties often tend not to be legal professionals trained in tort law and able to correctly calculate the full extent of damages for their claim, working with an attorney who knows how to do this is essential.

In some instances, though, negotiations cannot reach a fair settlement amount. When there is a stalemate, and those involved in a personal injury claim simply cannot agree, an injury claim may transition to a lawsuit.

There are several phases of the lawsuit process that will begin after a suit is filed. One is discovery, where both sides have the chance to get evidence from each other that can benefit their case. Once a case goes to trial, all evidence and supporting information will be presented to the judge and jury. Depending on the circumstances of the injury accident, expert witnesses can be advantageous to have on deck. An expert witness could be any professional with authoritative knowledge in a particular subject area. Some examples include doctors, forensic accident reconstructionists, and engineers.

The opinions and testimony a trained and experienced expert witness provides can be a very persuasive form of evidence that juries generally take seriously. Expert witnesses can add substantial credibility to a suit and support one’s argument for a financial award.

Speak to an Oregon Personal Injury Attorney Today 

The personal injury claims process can be unpredictable, and anything can happen. Negotiations may lead to a monetary settlement for the full amount of damages you suffered. Or, you may have to go to court and fight it out. Going to court is always unpredictable. What the judge and jury will think of your case is never known. This is why having the most convincing evidence possible is necessary. An expert witness can be an effective means to win a case.

For assistance filing your injury claim, please call an Oregon personal injury attorney at the Rosenbaum Law Group today at (503) 288-8000.

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